Forecasting by Day

Click this link to download the daily balance forecasting spreadsheet:
Daily Balance Forecast

If you’re living month to month, you need daily forecasting.  It can be stressful to time your bill payments based on your account balance, and you probably don’t enjoy it.  You probably know you should be doing everything in your power to get out of this terrible cycle, and there are plenty of resources to help you go about this, but we’re here to provide tools to help you where you’re at.   Continue reading

Forecasting by Month

Click this link to download the monthly balance forecasting spreadsheet:
Monthly Balance Forecast

In order to make good financial decisions, it’s important to understand how your decision will impact your cash flow over the next few months and years.  I’ve used this spreadsheet to help project my available balances. It handles recurring and one time income and expenses and displays the projected balances based on your monthly cash flow.

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